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{The Chapter Four...}

​...takes you to the best shopping journey of your Secondlife..


The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long. We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores.

- Chapter 1 : Buy 1 for 2
In this room, you can find products from various stores and purchase 2 items for the price of only one.

- Chapter 2 : Half Price
In this room, the prices of the products will be half of the main store price.

- Chapter 3 : Under 100 L$
In this room, prices of the products will be under 100 L$.

- Chapter 4 : Gacha
Try your luck to win the rare items from the gacha machines of varius stores!








Find us inworld! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Compotista/204/43/1203
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